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Name Hugh
Other Names (Le Newcomen)
Surname (Maiden) Newcombe
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 1153/00/00 Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire, England
Date Of Christning 0000/00/00
Date Of Death 1189/00/00 England

Other DOB 1175 - Hugh Le Newcomen - Hugh Newcomen
Reportedly Hugh Newcombe is Lady Diana's 24th Great Grandfather and PM Winston Churchill's 20th Great Grandfather. - FabPedigree - Hugh (Le) Newcomen
Unfortunately this family tree bleeds out to other surnames, and I am unable to link it to the Other Newcombe Family of Devonshire, Exeter.
There is not much Info about this family, however I believe that the family is from Gainsborough, approx. 230 miles (370 Km) North East of Exeter.
The original Source for this tree was a Pedigree Tree, and as such was more interested in the Parents of members and not so much the children of members, At odd times there were short details of other siblings, however it was not much.
I'm also looking at other sources to find missing siblings and perhaps will manage to join other sub family groups into the main tree.
I have found that Thomas Newcomen, designer and builder of the first Steam engine, is a descendant of Hugh. Although I had to dig in several different sources with differing dates.. Where given i have noted the two differing dates.
Another Source lists Hugh as 'Hugo le Newcomen', Lord of the Manor of Saltfleetby in Lincolnshire,
Hugh apparently accompanied 'Richard I' on his crusade to the Holy Land.

Parent : Father (Unknown)
Parent : Mother (Unknown)

Isabel (de Beauchamp) Newcombe (115?/00/00 - 0000/00/00)
Married : 0000/00/00 :
Divorced : 0000/00/00 :

Andrew (Le Newcomen) Newcombe (1184/00/00 - 0000/00/00) Alice (Fil Adrian) Newcombe (1188/00/00 - 0000/00/00)

Random Member William Newcombe
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There are several different spellings for the Newcombe surname, Mostly:
Within family groups each child could have a slightly different spelling of the name, Often dependent on who and where it was written. To simplify the Database, All derivatives of the surname is entered simply as NEWCOMBE. I know it might sound biased towards how it is spelled here in South Africa, but it is also how many other Genealogy pages group the surname too.
Also where ever possible I've tried to keep references to the persons in the notes with the original spelling.

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